Monday, February 23, 2015

Presentation of Brand Identity - Yarmouth and Acadian Shores

Extreme Group has completed the development of the new brand identity as part of the Tourism Brand Building initiative for Yarmouth and Acadian Shores. They would like to share the final identity that has been chosen by YASTA to represent the region with our partners and stakeholders that participated in previous group discussions and one-on-one interviews.

The presentation will include a summary of the brand research and positioning, and the introduction of the new logo and tagline for Yarmouth and Acadian shores. 

This presentation will be held on February 24, from 1pm to 3pm at the NSCC, 372 Pleasant Street, Yarmouth NS. There will be time for discussion and questions during and after the presentation.

We hope you can attend this presentation.

Thank you.

Charles Robicheau

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Extreme Group Tourism Fund

You can now submit your application to the Extreme Group Tourism Fund. They are donating $36,000 in fees. Find out how your tourism operation can apply for the third annual Extreme Tourism Fund below.

Deadline is January 31st.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Branding Presentation

Extreme Group has completed their Discovery Research as part of the Tourism Brand Building initiative for Yarmouth and Acadian Shores. They would like to share their findings based on insights uncovered during group discussions and one-on-one interviews that many of you contributed to.

Their presentation will include a summary of key themes uncovered during the discussions, as well as their own research conducted on priority target audiences, competitor regions and industry trends. They will also outline their recommended brand positioning for the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Region.

This session will be held on January 12, from 11am to 2pm in room 181 at the NSCC located at 372 Pleasant Street in Yarmouth NS. There will also be ample time for discussion and questions during and after the presentation. Light refreshments will also be available. 

We hope you can attend and participate in this session.

Thank you.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Tish Moses Pineapple Award

We would like to say congratulations to Tish Moses from the Yarmouth VIC on her recent win of a pineapple award at this year's TIANS Tourism Summit.

For those of you unfamiliar with a pineapple award: 

The Nova Scotia Pineapple Awards recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond what is expected to enrich a visitor's stay in Nova Scotia.

See below for the story: 
Award Winner: Ms. Tish Moses

Business: Yarmouth VIC - Yarmouth

Nominator: Ron Wilcox and Anne Moffat - Blanford, NS

I would like to recount a recent, extraordinary, event involving a Nova Scotia Tourism professional. Her name is Tish Moses and she works at the Yarmouth Visitor Information Centre.

In early June my wife and I were travelling to Connecticut to visit our terminally ill cousin. When we talked with our cousin and asked what we might bring her, her only request was to taste some fresh Nova Scotia mackerel for the last time. It was early in the season and despite our frantic efforts, we could not find any. We arrived in Yarmouth, still unsuccessful!

Our departure was the following morning, so we visited the Yarmouth Information Centre and it's there that we met Tish. During our conversation, my wife asked if there were any fresh mackerel available in Yarmouth. They did not know of any, but began phoning around. Unfortunately, Tish was not successful. 

As we understand it, that night Tish told her husband about our search and he began a mackerel search. Eventually he located a fishing boat that was due to arrive in a neighboring community early the next morning. It had fresh mackerel onboard! It was arranged that the captain's wife, would deliver some mackerel to the Information Centre
as early as possible.

We had already checked our Motorhome through security when Tish arrived at the fence to tell us the mackerel were on the way. My wife and I were praying it would arrive before the ferry sailed for Portland. You have to understand, all of this was happening with Tish outside the security fence, and us on the inside with the security personnel looking on.

We were loading on to the ferry when our cell phone rang; it was Tish. She had the mackerel and was on the way! We rushed back to the fence in time to see Tish running down the hill. When she got close to the fence we shouted, "Throw it! Throw it!". The security personnel, who had overheard our previous conversation, opened the fence
and allowed her in. We only had time for heartfelt thanks and brief hugs. All offers of compensation were refused.

The next day cousin, who is now deceased, enjoyed a small portion of fresh Nova Scotia mackerel and the wonderful, extraordinary, story of how it made its way to her table.

We cannot express strongly enough our thanks to Tish Moses. Our families, on both sides of the border, will always remember and be grateful for the extra efforts of this Nova Scotia Tourism professional.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Best of YAS awards / Le meilleur des CAY

Over 2000 votes were cast for this year's best of Yarmouth & Acadian Shores. Au-delà de 2000 votes ont été enregistrés durant le concours.  

We would like to thank all the sponsors that helped us make the best of YAS awards(presented by Murray GM) a memorable evening. Thank you to the following: Merci aux commanditaires suivants:

Murray GM (presenting sponsor)
TC Media
Le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse
Extreme Group
Bay Ferries
Nova Star Cruises
Turizim Inc. 

Here is the complete list of winners and runners-up: 
Voici la liste complète de gagnants et de finalistes: 

Meilleur restaurant/Best Restaurant
1-       La Cuisine Robicheau
2-      Argyler Lodge

Meilleur sandwich chaud au homard/Best Creamed/Hot Lobster
1-      Argyler Lodge
2-      Rudder's Seafood Restaurant and Brew Pub

Meilleure chaudrée aux fruits de mer/Best Seafood Chowder
1-      Argyler Lodge
2-      TIE La Cuisine Robicheau and Rudder's Seafood Restaurant and Brew Pub

Meilleur burger/Best Burger
1-      The Red Shed
2-      Argyler Lodge

Meilleur poisson et frites/Best Fish & Chips
1-      The Red Shed
2-      Rudder's Seafood Restaurant and Brew Pub

Meilleure poutine/Best Poutine
1-      The Red Shed
2-      Argyler Lodge

Meilleur fruits de mer/Best Seafood
1-      La Cuisine Robicheau
2-      Rudder's Seafood Restaurant and Brew Pub

Meilleure rapûre/Best Rappie Pie
1-      Evelina's Rapure Pie
2-      D'Eons Rappie Pie

Meilleur déjeuner/Best Breakfast
1-      The Shanty Café
2-      Jungle Jim's

Meilleur endroit pour un café/Best Place to Have a Coffee
1-      Sip Café
2-      Tim Horton's

Meilleur dessert/Best Dessert
1-      Rudder's Seafood Restaurant and Brew Pub
2-      La Cuisine Robicheau

Meilleur lieu pour la creme glacée/Best Ice Cream Shop
1-      Chez Jean Dairy Twirl
2-      Honey Bee Ice Cream Parlour

Meilleure plage/Best Beach
1-      Mavillette
2-      Port Maitland

Meilleur festival/Best Festival
1-      Le Festival Acadian de Clare
2-      Seafest

Meilleur terrain de golf/Best Golf Course
1-      Clare Golf and Country Club
2-      West Pubnico

Meilleure expérience pour un.e visiteur.e/Best Experience for a Visitor
1-      Tusket Island Tours
2-      Cape Forchu Lightstation

Meilleur sentier de randonnée/Best Walking Trail
1-      Le P'tit Bois
2-      Leif Erikson Trail

Meilleur fournisseur aux marchés agricoles/Best Farmer's Market Stall
1-      Hilltop Cottages Farm
2-      Emelia's Smoothies

Meilleure gallérie d'art/Best Art Gallery
1-      Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
2-      June Deveau Studio

Meilleur site de camping/Best Campground
1-      Belle Baie Park
2-      Ellenwood

Meilleur B&B/Best B&B
1-      Su Ben
2-      Harbour's Edge

Meilleur hôtel/motel Best Hotel/Motel
1-      Comfort Inn
2-      Argyler Lodge

Meilleur serveur/serveuse  Best Server
1-      Trilby Watson - The Red Shed
2-      Vivian - The Red Shed

Meilleur service à la clientele/Best Customer Service
1-      The Red Shed
2-      TIE The Shanty Café and The Argyler 

A few pictures from the event:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Southwest Nova Scotia Regional Tourism Partnership Model Feedback Survey

Over the last two weeks, the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency (NSTA) met with more than 250 tourism stakeholders from the Southwest Nova Scotia region. During these sessions people provided their input on three possible partnership models as well as asked questions, voiced concerns and offered suggestions for future initiatives. All of this was very helpful - thank you.

As promised, the NSTA has created an online survey. It provides you with an opportunity to add to your comments or reinforce important points. It's also an opportunity for those who couldn't make it to a session to offer their input.

The survey deadline is tight, and the survey will close on Friday, October 24, 2014 at noon.

To complete the survey, please click on the following link:

Thank you once again for your input and should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Kelli Macdonald at or by phone at 902-798-6952.

For more information about the NSTA please visit:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Student employment opportunity / Offre d'emploi pour étudiant

L'association touristique des Côtes acadiennes et Yarmouth est à la recherche d'un(e) étudiant(e) bilingue (anglais et français) pour occupé un poste de 8 semaines au centre d'information touristique à Yarmouth. Voyez la description ci dessous:

The Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Tourism Association is looking for a bilingual student (English and French) to fill in an 8 week work term at the Yarmouth Visitor Information Center. Please see details below: 

Agent(e) touristique 
(le générique masculin est utilisé sans discrimination et dans l'unique but d'alléger le texte.)
Lieu:                  Centre d’information touristique, Main Street Yarmouth NS
Durée du contrat:          35 heures/semaine, 8 semaines, jour, soirée et fin de semaine
Date de début prévue: Le 20 juin 2014

Tâches et responsabilités:      
L’association touristique des Côtes acadiennes et Yarmouth cherche un individu avec des excellentes compétences de communication, ventes et leadership afin de vendre le produit touristique des Côtes acadiennes et Yarmouth. Des responsabilités spécifiques incluent :

Monter un étalage d’information, de brochures et d’autre matériel pour les visiteurs du centre d’information
Fournir de l’information courante et de haute qualité aux visiteurs.
Offrir un service aux touristes en utilisant la littérature courante au centre d’information touristique.
Planifié des itinéraires détaillés pour les visiteurs.
Promouvoir les produits touristiques de la région afin de retenir les visiteurs ici plus longtemps.
Organisé. Repeupler et maintenir la littérature touristique.
Enregistré et maintenir des statistiques.
L’agent donnera une attention particulière à la promotion de la culture et l’héritage acadien via les activités pendant l’été 


Attitude positive 
Fortes compétences interpersonnelles et de communication
Expérience en service à la clientèle et/ou en ventes
Compétences en Microsoft Word/WordPerfect, Excel, courriel et       Internet. 
Compétences en résolution de problèmes.
Expérience en travail d’équipe. 
Notions de base à propos des attractions, la géographie, l’histoire et la culture de la région des Côtes acadiennes et de Yarmouth. 
Bilingue (anglais et français) est désiré et autres langues sont considérés un atout 
Expérience dans les industries de tourisme et d’hospatilité 
Certification en premier soins, WHMIS, SuperHost and Service 1st 


Cette position est financée par emplois d’été Canada. Pour être éligible, vous devez:
être âgées de 15 à 30 ans au début de l'emploi;
être inscrites comme étudiants à temps plein au cours de l'année scolaire précédente et avoir l'intention de retourner aux études à plein temps au cours de la prochaine année scolaire;
être citoyens canadiens, résidents permanents ou désignés comme réfugiés en vertu de la Loi sur l'immigration et la protection des réfugiés ; et
être légalement autorisées à travailler au Canada conformément aux dispositions législatives réglementaires en vigueur dans la province ou le territoire visé.

Envoyez votre résumé et lettre de motivation à, ou soumettez-le en personne à la réception au bâtiment de l’administration de la municipalité du district de Yarmouth, Hebron Nouvelle-Écosse.  

Ferme le 6 juin 2014.  Entrevues du 9 au 13 juin 2014.